I like Chuck’s style of working. He is thorough, plans all stages, and keeps the buyer and others associated with the transactions up to date. He has more patience than anyone I’ve ever known. - Dottye Holt, Round Rock, TX
He was really patient and considerate. He helped me more than needed. We became sort of friend during both purchases. I feel safe and confident in asking him whatever confused me during the process. Sometimes he even thought about more than I did. These things were essential since I am in China and cannot see the properties myself. Trust was the first thing on the list and Chuck did deliver it one hundred percent. - Bella, Guangzhou China
We were impressed with the way Chuck Farr handles the entire process, tremendous follow up, attention to all details, very patient & knowledgeable, always provided strong and helpful recommendations, demonstrated excellent relationship with other players in the process. He is a person that gained our full confidence since day 1. - Juan Carlos Zertuche. Round Rock, Texas
Chuck is hands down one of the best professionals I have ever worked with in any capacity. He is honest, genuine and very knowledgable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in real estate. - Jesse, Round Rock
Mr Farr went above and beyond in all faucets of assisting and dealing with me and my specific requirements, I will without hesitation use his skills and services in any future purchases or sales in regards to real estate Mr. Farr was patient and responsive , being active duty military assigned to another state had is issues but he was always first to volunteer his time and assistance from start to finish regardless of my presence and took initiative where relevant to assist in the details and requirements of the sale. Mr Farr has built a reputation with me that carries a lot of positive weight, I will continue to use his services when I am ready to purchase a home or property over anyone else. - Thomas , Killeen TX
He did what his slogan said! He looked out for me. - Jeannine Hoyt Sears San Ramon CA
Chuck was with me every step of the way. He was responsive and had suggestions to make at every stage of viewing homes and making a purchase. His advice was timely and critical to the success of this transaction. Chuck is a patient and thoughtful negotiator. I couldn’t have done it without him! - Dottye Holt, Round Rock, TX